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Our mission at IVF Options is to make fertility treatment more understandable and affordable to everyone who needs it.

We do this by providing transparent information on fertility clinic treatments, costs, success rates and patient reviews. For anyone who wants a hand covering out-of-pocket costs, we offer affordable monthly payment plans, so that you can get the treatment you need without delay.

At IVF Options we understand that going through IVF is an emotionally exhausting experience that no one anticipates. Our mission is to help make treatment more understandable and affordable, so that you can focus on your family’s future.


Our Solution

At IVF Options, we understand the feeling and source of frustration and concerns. Our platform provides everything you need to know about receiving fertility treatment, so you can easily compare suitable options and make informed decisions.

IVF Options provides comprehensive information that addresses many concerns and questions you might have had or are likely to encounter, including:

  • What is the most suitable fertility treatment for me?
  • How long does a typical fertility treatment take?
  • Does Medicare or my private health insurance cover the cost of treatment(s)?
  • What payment methods and plans are available?
  • What fertility clinic options are best suited to my treatment preferences and budget?

These are only some of the important questions that need urgent answers, which can all be found on our platform.

Lexie Magyar-Chapiel (right) founder of IVF Options with Sheena Jack, CEO of HCF.

IVF Options Founder

IVF Options was founded by Lexie Magyar-Chapiel in 2018 to help people better understand IVF and other fertility treatment options available in Australia.

Lexie is a passionate supporter of women’s health and reproductive rights. After being diagnosed with HPV and LSIL, Lexie began researching fertility preservation and treatments. She discovered that finding transparent information on fertility success rates and costs was difficult to find, and set out a platform to help others like her.

Lexie believes that patients have the right to understand all of their treatment options, costs, and likelihood of success from each, before deciding to go ahead with treatment.

We believe in putting the power back in the hands of patients.

IVF Options is a proud participant of the HCF Catalyst Program, 2019. The HCF Catalyst program is the top healthtech accelerator in Australia, built to help make healthcare more understandable, affordable, higher quality and more patient-centric across Australia.

We encourage anyone considering fertility treatment to compare clinics and request a free nurse chat before booking and paying for a consultation. You can find clinics near you by using our search tool.


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