IVF is Expensive

The total cost of receiving fertility treatment including IVF is much greater than what it seems.


Numbers listed on most clinics’ websites only entail a single cycle, and a woman on average takes 2.6 cycles to have a baby.


This, along with unavoidable costs of consultation, medication and other additional services, make affording fertility treatments a difficult task for many couples.


Bank Loans for IVF

Banks offer IVF loans under various conditions, but all of them share one thing in common.


Bank loans have high interest rates. Even higher for those with bad credit rating.


This means patients have to pay much more over the course of repayment period. In addition, many bank loans contain hidden fees such as application fees, monthly service fees and late fees.


Fertility Should be Affordable

Not being able to afford fertility treatment due to financial barriers is frustrating.


The team at IVF Options believes that every couple has the right to have a baby and therefore treatments including IVF should be made affordable.


As an alternative to your typical loans, IVF Options offers payment plans that are transparent and fair, so that you can fulfil your goal of starting a family.


Why Should I Choose a Payment Plan?


  • Receive your treatment early


Age is a major factor in determining treatment success (find out more). This means any delays in starting your treatment may compromise the outcome.


Long term payment plans will allow you to start your treatment without delays and therefore maximising the chance of success.


  • Avoid loans with high interest-rates


The payment plans offered at IVF Options have low interest rate so that you can finish paying the total cost in a shorter period without any financial concerns.


  • Avoid hidden fees


At IVF Options, we value transparency. This includes displaying transparent information regarding treatment costs as well as all payment plans.


How Much Do I Need?

It is important to keep in mind that displayed treatment costs do not provide an accurate indication

of total cost. Compulsory service items such as consultation and egg extraction often incur additional cost.


It is recommended that you read through the information regarding IVF costs before applying for a payment plan. You should apply for a payment plan before attending a consultation with your fertility specialist.


How Do I Apply?

To check what payment plans you’re eligible for, head to our payment plan page.