Debit or Credit Card

Convenient & accepted at all accredited fertility clinics.

IVF Loan

Pay for treatment in affordable, monthly instalments.


Withdraw treatment funds from your Superannuation.

Payment Options Compared


Debit or Credit Card

All accredited fertility clinics in Australia give patients the option to pay for treatment with their debit or credit card. While this is a convenient option, we caution patients against using their credit card to cover expensive medical costs, as the interest charged over-time can end up costing you way more than the initial treatment.


IVF Loan

IVF Loans are personal medical loans that allow you to borrow for all treatment costs, and pay it off in set monthly instalments. IVF Loans generally have a much lower interest rate than that of a credit card, and offer terms of up to 4 years to make the cost of treatment much more affordable in monthly repayments.



Some accredited fertility clinics allow patients to pay for the cost of treatment using their Superannuation, through Supercare. This option can be appealing however  we caution patients that the Superannuation they withdraw early will be taxed at a high rate, and that the government has also been more selective in approving these requests.


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How IVF Loans Can Help

No waiting

Get the high quality treatment you need, when you need it

Flexible amounts

Some medical loans offer flexible amounts, so you can get approved for multi-cycle costs but only ever withdraw what you need.

Low monthly costs

Medical loans have terms up to 48 months to give you affordable monthly payments.


1. How much does IVF cost?

The cost of IVF treatment varies significantly by the clinic you choose for treatment. Starting with bulk-billed treatment with approximately $1,000 out-of-pocket, up to more than $14,000 per cycle. If you qualify for the Medicare rebate, generally about 45% of eligible treatment expenses will rebated, not including hospital or day surgery fees.

The average out of pocket cost per IVF cycle at a non-bulk-billed clinic is approximately $5,000 after the Medicare rebate including IVF treatment, medication, hospital day surgery and anesthetist fees. If you do not qualify for the Medicare rebate the same cost is approximately $10,000 out of pocket. View costs by clinic and read our guide to additional out of pocket expenses, not included in the cost of treatment.


2. How many IVF treatment cycles will I need?

This differs greatly based on your situation and the clinic you choose to go for treatment with. Find a clinic and book a consultation with a fertility specialist to get an estimate for you. With that said, the national average live birth success rate is 26% which results in many patients needing to undergo multiple rounds of treatment in order to have a baby.


3. Can I get a Medical Loan that covers multiple treatment cycles?

Yes. Through accredited lenders you can apply for a total amount that may cover the cost of multiple rounds of treatment. For example, if the average out of pocket cost for a cycle is approximately $5,000 including treatment and other out-of-pocket costs, you may want to apply for $15,000 to cover 3 treatment cycles. Keep in mind, you are charged the total cost of treatment upfront, and then if eligible for the Medicare rebate, it will come through to your account 3-5 days after it is processed, so you may want to get approved for an amount that covers all of those upfront costs.

With some medical loans providers, you can get approved for the total amount and only be charged based on the amount you withdraw.

4. How much will my monthly payment be?

If approved, this will depend on how much you borrow, what term you choose and the interest rate you are approved for. If you apply for a Medical Loan through an accredited lender, they will provide you with more information on how much your monthly repayment will be.

Please note that IVF Options is not a lender. All Medical Loans are done through accredited lenders that offer medical payment plans.


5. I don’t have a fertility clinic. Can IVF Options help?

Yes. You can use IVF Options to search for fertility clinics near you and find the clinic that best meets your treatment preferences and budget. We encourage you to request free nurse chats at clinics you are considering for treatment before booking a consultation.


6. Should I see a doctor before getting applying for a Medical Loan?

If you think you may need a Medical Loan to help cover treatment costs, we recommend applying for one prior to going in for your consultation. Through the lender, you’ll be able to understand how much you can borrow, which can help you choose a clinic that best suits your budget.


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