Our mission at IVF Options is to make fertility treatment more understandable and affordable to everyone who needs it. We do this by providing transparency and standardisation of data. IVF Options is in the process of building patient reviews that will enable patients to leave a 5 point detailed review on all aspects of the treatment they received, to help prospective patients make better informed healthcare decisions.

In the interim we classify clinics as basic or comprehensive to give patients an understanding of the number of services and level of service they may receive when choosing a fertility clinic.

Basic service level indicates that the clinic may have a more limited service offering to keep costs low. By nature, some lower cost options see more patients and as a result may lead to longer wait times, wait lists and a slightly reduced level of personalisation in service.

Comprehensive service level indicates the clinic offers a comprehensive range of fertility treatments and complimentary services to treat all fertility issues, and to provide a more tailored approach to fertility treatment. By nature, some higher cost options see less patients and may result in shorter wait times and a slightly increased level of personalisation in service.